Pothole perils in Harlow

Tendring Road Pothole

POTHOLES are a common problem in Harlow, often damaging vehicles and causing accidents. Now residents are demanding action from the council.

The council currently focuses on repairs to main roads rather than estates. In August 2018, 137 pot holes were repaired in Harlow by Essex County Council. Last month, just four estate roads were repaired; Church Leys, Maddox Road, Momples Road, and Northbrooks. However, there are still many estate roads in need of repair.

Marked potholes at the entrance of Brockles Mead Road.

Councillor Mark Ingall has previously lobbyed Essex County Council on the importance of fixing these potholes. Referring to a road in The Hides, he said “It is a danger to cyclists and motorcyclists, and thumping through the potholes is causing damage to cars.”

Less than a month ago, a Harlow motorcyclist, Cameron Bull, narrowly missed injury because of a pothole. He said “I was driving by the Pinnacles area and as I went around a corner my front tyre went down a four-inch-deep pothole. I was using my front brake as this happened and it caused it to lock in place. I had to unscrew all of the bolts to loosen it again.”

Another motorcyclist, Paolo Caldarella, also of Harlow, suffered minor head injuries and concussion after coming off of his bike last year because of a pothole, his bike was written off because of this.

Beth Vincent, another victim, said “Along Commonside Road there are a few that just can’t be avoided. It all started with the huge one outside the Park Inn, it was just unavoidable. Due to me using that road everyday it was a nightmare. It cost me a new tyre at first, three months later due to hitting the deep ones and some smaller ones I found out my car was a write off as it had broken my steering rack, making my car no longer drive straight.

“I called the council and they claimed they couldn’t fix it until a certain amount of people had complained. I had no choice but to buy a new car to get to work.”

A Your Harlow staff reporter named this particular pothole a “monster” after many cars drove erratically just to avoid it. This pothole has been recently fixed after multiple complaints. Earlier this year, one person started drawing penis graffiti over these potholes to catch the
attention of the council. Ian Beckett, who resigned as a Labour member from Harlow Council last month, said it “shows how exasperated people are”.

Drivers have been warned to take care on the roads while these repairs are in progression, and alert others about dangerous potholes if they cannot be fixed yet. Pothole repairs are the responsibility of Essex County Council.

For more information, and to report potholes in your area, visit:

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