Santus Circus performing at Harlow


AS PART of their UK tour, Santus Circus visited Harlow Town on April 26 until May 7 and performed a spectacular show for locals.

Le Cirque De France [Santus Circus] is run by a French family for over six generations and has been touring in the UK for over 25 years. Santus family is originated from the South of France, where they originally started the circus.

Highly trained professionals from around the world are part of the circus, which aims to entertain people of all ages and perform new exciting acts every year.

The owner of the circus, Ernest Santus, said ‘Local people at Harlow love the circus and they seem to enjoy our show. We are always trying to produce a high standard performance for all the people to love and enjoy.’

This year they perform different acts from all around the world such as juggling and unicycling acts. Globe of Death is one of their most popular act, where three motorbikes drive with 60mph in a round globe, which later splits in half. The famous Wheel of Death is also really popular and keeps people on the edge of their seat. These acts are highly dangerous that not many people in the world can attempt.

The clown duo – Lucien and Sacha gave an amazing performance and made people of all ages laugh as they also pulled out members of the public for their act for an extremely funny performance.

Lucien Santus, said ‘I have been in the circus my entire life. I can’t imagine leaving this place. It’s like I’m leaving my life behind’

Sacha Santus, added ‘When we don’t perform, we feel empty inside. We want to make people laugh because it gives us happiness’

Santus Circus is now touring around the country.

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