Harlow student in first ever Baltic Illustration Symposium

Baltic Illustrations

A ROMANIAN Level Two Art and Design student at Harlow College is travelling to Estonia to take part in the first ever Baltic Illustration Symposium.

Adina Frunza came to Britain from Romania in 2015 to pursue her artistic dreams and along with a group of other multilingual 16-24-year-olds, Adina will be travelling to Estonia this year.

She said: ‘It first started when I got invited to the London Symposium, which was at The Royal Over Seas League and then I got invited to Estonia to go there for a couple of days.

‘In London we talked about the project, we met up and made friends and we discussed the upcoming project. This is the first time they’ve made the Baltic project so they want to keep it going but they needed new ideas, so they put us together to do that.’

The Royal Overseas League where Adina went for the London Symposium

Adina and Trixia Margosara, who is also an Art and Design student at Harlow College and travelled from the Philippines to the UK in 2015, created their own illustrated stories in a distinct ‘leporello’ format linking them to themselves and their own lives and both students have had their work published in the 2018 London Book Fair. Leporello is printed material folded into an accordion-pleat style and is also sometimes known as a concertina fold. It is a method of parallel folding with the folds alternating between front and back.

Trixia said: ‘My book is the True Colours of Friendship which shows different groups of people.

‘If you’re white people you’re just white people, if you’re Filipino you’re just Filipino. This shows that in just one group it doesn’t really matter who’s in the group.’

Trixia is going to University to study ceramic designs and hopes to have her own shop or company where she can work with other artists.

For more information on the Symposium, visit: https://pop-up.org.uk/project/international-illustrators-programme-uk-baltic-states-2017-2018/

Feature image and video taken by Leah Bloxham.

Screenshot: Google Maps

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