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Leigh Purcell, 18, PHAME Founder

HARLOW College Fashion student, Leigh Purcell and partner Antoine have started up a unique street wear clothing line called PHAME.

Released in March 2017, they are looking to expand the brand after completing their time at Harlow College.

The students have been working hard to deliver the best quality for their customers. Alongside this they advertise the brand by wearing the products, which include black or pink fleece lined jumpers (featuring headphone holders) and custom dip dyed t-shirts.

Leigh, a Level 3 student, said: ‘Not a lot seems to be designed to last. We hand quality check everything and I hand stitch every label that goes into each garment. We had to become professional even though it’s been less than a year; you’ve got to move up the ladder quick.’


He added: ‘It’s usually the people that sit in the back of the room or the people you don’t talk to. If they’re not talking, they are thinking. Sometimes the people you don’t talk to are the underdogs in the game and I’ve always liked that idea.’

The Phame motto is ‘beware the nobodies’ which has been printed into each clothing label. Their motto and brand has also been used on their social media:




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