Teenager devotes six years to fundraising

BMA Matthew Hart Running For Sarah

A Harlow teenager has devoted the last six years to fundraising in support of various causes close to his family and friends.

Matthew Hart, a 15-year old Year 10 student at Burnt Mill Academy, has just completed his latest fundraiser. He raised over £1,64.50 at a race night for Princess Alexandra Hospital maternity unit to buy a cold cuddle cot.

However, this is just one of the many causes that has caught his attention. Matthew started his first charity mission at age nine, and has completed other events such as: Streets2Homes three-and-a-half-mile run, Tottenham Hotspur FC pitch run and climbing the O2 for the MS Society.

Matthew said: ‘I am always looking fo things to do to raise money. It makes me feel good to be able to help in this way.’ His family help him to organise events, they also take part and always show support.

Joanne Hart, Matthew’s mum said: ‘He really does put his heart into doing these things to help others. We always look forward to hearing his ideas about what he wants to do next. He has a heart of gold, is very humble and would put others first in all situations.’

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