Harlow deputy-principal joins celebrations of International Women’s Day

Louise Turner, Deputy Principal of Harlow College.

LOUISE Turner of Harlow College revealed the importance of International Women’s Day and her role as a feminist in a recent interview.

She highlighted how far women had come within the past 100 years but acknowledged that the fight for gender equality continues.

Deputy Principal Louise spoke of her interest in the education sector, stating, ‘There is a lot of equality within the industry.’

She added that while equal pay was not an issue within education, it was still a problem in some fields and also tough for women to become chief officers of companies. However, this was slowly changing.

Alongside raising her children, Louise has spent all of her adult life raising her working in secondary school education before moving to Harlow College 22 years ago. Having moved from part-time work to full-time after her two children grew up, she said, ‘It’s frustrating that women are constantly asked how bringing up children and working runs together. It is a perception that parenting is a female role when it should really be mutual.’

She added, ‘Women are still being judged for their fashion choices especially the Prime Minister. She is constantly commented on her fashion choices when previous male Prime Ministers would not have. You could say that if everyone wore suits, this would not happen but this would decline individuality.’

Chloe McKendrick

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