The Comedy Sketchbook – A chuckling good night

A group of students performing their sketch.

DRAMA students proved they know how to make people laugh when they gave a performance in the Glassbox Theatre at Harlow College on 13th March. The show, Comedy Sketchbook, focused on the stimulus “The Discovery”. The students performed several different sketches to the public, which they had written themselves.

The students had been practising their group sketches from January, and going by the successful turnout and money raised, their hard work paid off! Tickets were free, however donations were optional at the door. Drama student Emma Soley, 16, explained just how much these donations help. ‘The money we raise goes towards our costumes and other essentials. We raised £110 on the Comedy Sketchbook night. It was more money then we expected to raise, so we are all really happy with the outcome.’

The students had to base their performances around ‘Commedia dell’Arte’, a form of comedy that was around in 1600 Italy. To prepare for their show the pupils attended a workshop by PhD research theatre actor, Olly Crick. Drama student, Lauren Kirk, attended the workshop. ‘It was very informative about comedy and helped me with my movement and gesture for my show.’ Lauren also went on to explain why she thinks the workshop inspiring. She said ‘We have had quite a few workshops, but i felt that Olly’s was the best we have had so far because of how informative and intense it was.’

George Walton, a first year drama student, spoke of how he thought the evening went. ‘The evening show was brilliant. We had a few lighting issues during the matinée show, but that was due to people rushing about with costume changes.’

A video montage of the night’s performance can be found on the Harlow College Facebook page –

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