Harlow MP reveals Tories have to do more to appeal to young people


HARLOW MP, Robert Halfon, revealed in an exclusive interview that the Conservative Party needs to do more to appeal to the younger generation.

Speaking to the Harlow Harrier, Robert Halfon stated, ‘I think people have a wrong impression about what we [the Conservative Party] are about. I think that is partly our fault by the way, I’m not blaming the young.

‘I think we need to be much better at connecting [with young people] and I’m openly admitting that we’ve got difficulties.’

A spokesman for Harlow Young Labour, commented, ‘I think a major issue with the Conservatives is that they’re completely out of touch with young people when it comes to policy and our generation are realising the way things are going isn’t functional long term, especially when it comes to going to university, buying a house and having children.

‘Social media wise as well, the Conservatives don’t seem to have cracked it as Activate doesn’t seem to be taking off quite as well as Momentum. It’s saying something too that Young Labour has more members than the Tory Party altogether! I think young people are very compassionate too, and often will look for a party that will look after the many. Social media is good for forming your own opinions and doing your own research so we’re not as influenced as the right wing press than older generations.’

We attempted to contact the Conservative Party and received no comment.

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Chloe McKendrick

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