Harlow Library has jumped on board an inclusive strategy to help those with learning disabilities

ICE Display

INCLUSIVE Communications Essex (ICE) is broadening its reach, and has arrived in Harlow Library, offering teaching packages to families and carers of adults with learning disabilities.

A display table has opened up at Harlow Library, demonstrating the types of books and resources available, which help those in need use a variety of forms of communication.

Judith Wickenden, an ICE spokesperson said: ‘We are trying to spread the word about ICE and how it’s services and equipment can help those that would benefit.’

ICE has spread to all libraries in Essex including mobile libraries, and to gain access to the resources all you need is an ICE user card, which can be requested by someone with a learning disability, or a carer.

Judith said: ‘The service works directly with individuals, their families and support to help improve everyday life, by enabling the individual to access the world around them and allowing them to be involved in decisions that will affect their life.’

Services include ICE equipment available to take in loan for up to 8 weeks at a time, and can include resources for those affected by dementia and strokes as well as learning disabilities. There are also communication-focused events.

For more information you can contact Harlow Library on 0345 603 7628, or ICE on 0333 0132 707.

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Ceile Brown

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