Harlow design students create unique graphics for ‘gig-theatre’ event


HARLOW College design students have produced their own unique graphics for a pop up venue in the Harvey Centre.

As part of a special anti-valentines event by Pecho Mana, run by Harlow Playhouse, Mitch Hanrahan, Daniel Herbert and Josh Holmden took a spin on all three of their design ideas to create a visually striking piece that was displayed on the walls of the venue.

The three students were approached to make graphics, which would run through a DJ set for a Medea Electronica Performance. It is a gig-theatre that retells a story about an Ancient Greek tragedy, set in the technological turbulence of the 1980’s.

The images were projected throughout the night

Daniel said: ‘We had two weeks to complete the project. It was a little strange to see the work completed. When we were all working on it, it was all on a small screen and to walk in and see it projected on the wall was quite odd to see.’

With various ideas from 80’s neon grids to heartbreak to tunnel design, all were combined together and developed upon by the students. They were very excited on the night to see the outcome of their work on February 16.


Daniel added: ‘It is the first time we have created something like this. A lot of time went into looking at inspiration and seeing how it was done. Essentially it was about bringing our different ideas together to make something great.’

Suzanna Hurst, Marketing Executive for Harlow Playhouse left a comment to the students: ‘It was a pleasure to work with you all, you are a very talented bunch – I had loads of great comments about your visuals and they complimented the night perfectly.’

Charlotte Langham

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