Amnesty International launches group in Harlow


HARLOW residents with a passion for human rights have the opportunity to join the new Amnesty International group in Harlow.

Amnesty International is the world’s largest human rights organisation to protect women, men and children wherever justice, freedom, truth and dignity are denied. The movement has recently received the Nobel Peace Prize for its life-saving work.

Shannon Jezzard, 22, Founder of Amnesty International Harlow and also Chair of Harlow Young Labour, commented, ‘Over the past year or so I’ve been very involved in local politics and community work which I enjoy so much but at the same time I am aware of how much human rights are abused around the world.

‘I wanted to bring that awareness to the town and hopefully help develop a group of really passionate activists that want to stand up for fairness and equality and work towards making positive change across the world.’

Shannon Jezzard, 22.


At the first meeting at St Paul’s Church at 7:30pm on March 28, residents will be invited to meet Amnesty’s Regional Secretary, Liesbeth ten Ham, who is the special guest speaker.

The meeting will be an opportunity for Harlow members to engage with people in the local area who share Amnesty International’s purpose of protecting individuals whose rights, justice and freedom are denied.

Shannon continued, ‘I think as time goes by we’ll work together to figure a direction for the group but the main purpose is to engage with local people who share Amnesty International’s values.’

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