‘PRINCE’-ipal Charming sets out to find a match for his discovered missing shoe

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BURNT Mill Academy has organised an event where head teacher Allan Osbourne will dress as Prince Charming and search the corridors high and low for a shoe that matches the one he found.

Pupils in Turner and Hockney classes at Little Parndon Primary Academy, a partnering school of Burnt Mill, had to send their shoe back to ‘prince charming’ to see if it would be a fit.

Teacher Stephanie Galliers said: “Hockey and Turner Class became very busy and measured their own shoes and everything else in sight to try and find out who the shoe belonged to.”

Prince Charming, aka executive Principle Allan Osbourne – arrived on his horse before having to rush off before the clock struck 12.

Mrs Galliers from Burnt Mill Academy said: “All the work we have done this term was aimed towards this event. It gave children a purpose for learning and made learning fun.”

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