Students fight prejudice

BURNT Mill Academy is focusing on the prejudice the LGBT community faces and highlighting the support available during Lesbian Bi Gay Transgender History Month (LGBT).

Assemblies will be held for all year groups focusing on the prejudice. In class, pupils will take on several activities such as looking at LGBT case studies and writing letters of support to the LGBT community explaining the help that is available with a display board to celebrate LGBT celebrities.

Kayleigh Trainor, head of humanities said: “Students will design an LGBT badge and hold cake sales throughout the month to raise funds for charities supporting the community.

“We want to make sure we are developing well-rounded young people and not just students who can pass exams, We them to understand the struggles some people go through just to be themselves and that nobody should be treated any differently for it.”

Burnt Mill Academy in Harlow fights back against prejudice to the LGBT community as part of LGBT History Month. The school will hold special assemblies and students will take part in activities, including writing letters to support the LGBT community.

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