The ‘Routes’ to the top.

Lewis Bootle

‘ROUTES’ the new EP for Lewis Bootle has come out and started with a bang to 2018.

Lewis Bootle, the up-and-coming Singer from Ware, Hertfordshire. Has released his third EP ‘Routes’.

After his previous EP’s, ‘Friction in the Funds’ and ‘The Seed’ he has added another , with his guitar genius and story-like narrative the Singer/Storyteller has done it again.

After being raised listening and learning from his grandads love for swing and jazz, Lewis aspired to be a musician.

This year is set to be a blockbuster one for Lewis, with tours and festivals being lined up, Lewis has his first festival circuit using the band set-up.

Talking about 2017 Lewis revealed that ‘Bestival last year was as close to perfect as you could get. The weekend’s weather was so sporadic and I was playing in a tent, it went from rain to sun pretty much every 30 minutes, I struck the first chord, with that came a downpour of rain along with a full tent of people, Pretty epic.’

The new ‘Routes’ Music video is looking to be released soon, Bootle has worked with Harry Tarbuck, a young Videographer and Photographer, who has shot some of the latest video. With the use of a drone, a classic Jaguar and some hometown spots, ‘Routes’ is a journey. Harry revealed how Lewis was, ‘a lot of fun to work with, a really nice, easy going guy’.

With the video hopefully being released in the coming weeks, Harry showed his excitement after being involved in this one, and he said ‘I hope I can be involved in a whole music video in the future’

‘Routes’ EP Cover art

Keep your eyes peeled for the music videos release on and

Check Lewis out on Spotify, for all information on the latest tracks and events,

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