Is the casual dress code more ‘suited’ for the work place?


ACCORDING to a recent survey, suits are out and chinos are in for the work place – it seems that Harlow College is no exception.

Researchers for Travelodge surveyed 2,000 workers and discovered they are more likely to dress in jeans or chinos with a long-sleeved shirt and jacket rather than a suit.

It emerged from the study that seven out of 10 dress casually for work as it makes them feel more comfortable, whilst one fifth state they felt more able to express their personality.

Harlow Harrier decided to investigate if staff at the college was following what seems to be a universal trend in casual wear at work.

Tom Graham, 26.

Tom Graham, 26, Senior Journalism Tutor, stated, ‘I personally choose comfort over dressing formally. It depends on the industry you are in especially teaching, you do not want to give teenagers the wrong impression of authority.’

Rebecca Nunn, 38.

Rebecca Nunn, 38, Communications Support Worker with Deaf People, revealed, ‘I am encouraged in my work place to dress smart but I choose against wearing a suit as I do not want to look like a politician from the 80s whilst working with teens.’

Ken Eaton, 69.

Journalism Law Lecturer, Ken Eaton, 69, commented, ‘When I first started teaching, it was essential to wear a suit but that has changed. I have altered to more casual clothing due to other people. I would expect people out of authority or people for interview to wear formal clothes.’

Daniel Ferguson, 19.

Daniel Ferguson, 19, a Work Experience Placement Officer at Harlow College proved that not everyone is following the new trend. He said, ‘I like wearing suits as it makes me feel empowered. I think it is important for me to look formal and presentable especially in a college and to look different compared to the students especially because I’m young.’

Over half of workers surveyed for Travelodge, believe a casual dress code is more affordable whilst one in four say it takes the pressure off having to look good all the time.

Huge business figures are also following the change for a casual dress code. Virgin founder, Sir Richard Branson is known for ditching the suit in favour of an open-neck shit and a pair of jeans whilst Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg regularly wears a casual grey t-shirt and jeans.

Chloe McKendrick

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