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LP success

Little Parndon Primary Academy has been placed in the top ten per cent of schools nationally and is the third best in Essex.

Mrs Sophie Laing, the head-teacher of the school, said that in just a couple of years the school had risen, in the Department of Education league tables, from below 300 to near the top.

In 2015, the academy had been given a Requires Improvement grading by Ofsted, which compelled Mrs Laing, to transform the school.

She added: ‘The turnaround happened through developing excellent teaching, by carefully crafting a bespoke curriculum and becoming acutely aware of the various needs of each individual.

‘It has been a three-year process to get to this point. Expectations were raised, the quality of teaching was improved and children’s needs were met which resulted in these wonderful SATS results.’

She added: ‘I am proud and blessed to have such highly skilled and dedicated staff who bring the very best of all the children. I am immensely pleased for the children and their families.’

The Department for Education’s table indicates that 84 percent of pupils in the school are meeting the national standard expected of them in reading, writing and maths. Reading and maths progress is well above average and writing is considered to be above average.

Now having secured a Good Ofsted rating, the academy is focused on improving the school environment.

‘Our vibrant PTA are devoting the year to fundraising for new equipment, turning additional classrooms into a library and ICT suite, researching sensory rooms for instalment and developing the kitchen into the Little Parndon Pantry.’ Mrs Laing said.

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