Former Harlow College Student’s First Year at Uni


FOR THE first time in her life, Ece Celik, a previous A-Levels student at Harlow College, has lived alone.


Moving away from home for the first time can be an odd experience, but Ece says ‘[She’s] doing well for the independence. But like everyone else at Uni, my diet is terrible’.


For Ece life at the University of Kent in Canterbury is much harder than college, ‘Going to the lecture is not going to get you even a pass grade, which is why I wonder why we pay so much money when it’s literally ourselves [doing the work]’. Back at college, she took A-Levels for English Literature, Sociology, and History (which she advises people not to take). She advices people not to take these A-Levels because ‘it’s emotionally draining and there isn’t enough resources available for the content the exam boards expect you to cover’. When she went to university, she left History behind and opted for Sociology, Psychology, English Literature and Criminology.


The biggest thing Ece has struggled with so far is the oven, which appears to be a common thing as one of her flatmates Facetimed their mum to work out the oven. ‘The Uni students have got the grades, but can’t work out the oven’ said Ece.

From left to right: Emily Wicker, Emma Peters, Zoe Brant, Francesca Wintie, and Ece Celik


Life is much different for Ece now ‘My life before was highly surveillanced by my parents. The latest time I was allowed out, if it was summer, was 7pm. Which is so weird because now I’m at Uni, I come back at 2-3 [am]’. Although she misses her family and friends, Ece doesn’t miss Harlow because’ Kent Town is far superior, it’s prettier, and people are just far more polite and friendly’.


A piece of advice Ece would give  to a person moving away to go to University for the first time is ‘Buy as much snack food as you can, because you will be up at the randomest hours and you’ll have friends around, and you’re not going to cook them a meal. Bring a game, like Cards Against Humanity, because you can’t go out every night. Do not go to the clubs all the time, because they’re really expensive’.

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