Trisha Goddard gave Harlow College tutor her big break

Trisha Goddard with students.

TELEVISION personality, Trisha Goddard, has revealed that she gave former Harlow College student and now tutor, Naomi Channell her big break in show business.

Trisha spoke to students at the college earlier this month (January) and recalled that she gave Naomi, a former sports student and now TV broadcasting tutor at Harlow, her first job as a runner.

When she was in her late teens, Naomi attended a showing of the famous The Trisha Goddard Show and expressed her interest for breaking into the television industry, during a Q&A session. As a result, Trisha gave Naomi her first job as a runner. From there, she branched off to produce shows such as The Wright Stuff and Big Brother.

Trisha Goddard with Naomi Channell. Credit – Naomi Channell.

Naomi said: ‘Trisha was an amazing mentor to me and so many other young people who wanted to break into the world of TV. She is great at nurturing young talent and working on her show at the age of 19 was a dream come true. Since then I have been lucky enough to work on some of the biggest TV shows in the UK and a lot of that is down to the skills I learnt working on the Trisha show.’

Trisha described to a mixture of Journalism, Media, Health and Social Care and Performing Arts students what had inspired her during her career.

Trisha Goddard speaking to students.

Known for her hit lifestyle show, she shared a quote from her mother that always stuck in her mind: ‘Just because nobody stepped in the snow, doesn’t mean you can’t. Step in the snow once and in the future, there will be millions of footprints that follow.’

Trisha told students, ‘My mixture of languages helped me get jobs. It helped me connect with people across the world.’

Trisha Goddard with journalism student, Amy Huwes.

The television personality conducted a task relating to a golden coin to show the students the importance of giving and receiving. This allowed several students to give each other coins and express why they were thankful for them.

Luke Brace, 17.

Luke Brace, 17 and currently studying Media at Harlow College stated, ‘Trisha was very inspirational and inspired me to not stick to one thing. Take your time and find your own path. It has encouraged me to help with Mental Health.’

Dimitar Tasev, 19.

Dimitar Tasev, 19 and a current Media student from Harlow College, commented, ‘Trisha told us to take every opportunity and use all the resources offered to us. It has encouraged me to make most of college and work harder.’

Trisha, currently co-presenting Big Brother’s Bit on the Side with Rylan Clark-Neal, revealed exclusively to the Harrier her favourite to win, ‘Definitely Shane J. What a beautiful person they are.’

Feature image of Trisha Goddard with students, credit – Leanne West.

Trisha Goddard video, credit – Leanne West.

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