Plans for Stanstead Abbots quarry could bring major congestion and road deaths


HARLOW’S rural outskirts could soon be turned from greenbelt to potential housing developments, a quarry, and a landfill site.

A campaign group appose to the plans, claims the proposals could lead to a high level of congestion, and increased death on the roads.

Harlow North is the new housing development planned for land between Harlow and Gilston, and recently, Hertfordshire County Council proposed plans for a quarry in Stansted Abbotts.

Eleven million tonnes of sand and gravel are to be extracted from the Briggens Estate area over 22 years, resulting in pollution, congestion and risk to locals and wildlife.

Miles Dymock, chairman of Stop Briggens Quarry Group, has campaigned against these plans since they were made public because of the damage they will have to the beautiful area. He said: ‘Once the site is deemed to be a quarry then this opens it up to all sorts of applications that are then deemed as acceptable on Green Belt land.

 ‘Another use for the site approved in the HCC Consultation Document is as a sorting area for recycling aggregate from other building sites. The unusable material would then form landfill and anything with any value would be transported elsewhere.’

Some of the main issues of the quarry going ahead are the destruction of historic woodland and wildlife in the estate, and the exposure to harmful dust and fumes over the 22 years it will be in use.

Miles added: ‘One thing is certain and that is the level of traffic that would be generated from this site will lead to increased mortality on the roads together with high levels of congestion on the A414 heading through Harlow.

‘We’ve formed the Stop Briggens Quarry Group from residents of Stansted Abbotts, Hunsdon and Roydon to try to oppose the plans for this site and we’re working with the various local parish councils to present a unified front against this project.’

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The Hertfordshire County Council consultation will run until February 9, and can be found at


Ceile Brown

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