Harlow students get chance to join Lessons from Auschwitz Project


THE HOLOCAUST Educational Trust is currently offering two Harlow College students the opportunity to take part in the upcoming Lessons from Auschwitz Project.

The project has run for several years enabling students to experience a trip to Auschwitz before passing on their discoveries to fellow peers in order to start a legacy.

Stall at Harlow College for Holocaust Memorial Day.

The four-stage project starts with an orientation seminar in London before a one day, all exclusive visit to Poland. This is followed by a follow-up seminar in London and the ‘Next steps’ Project which allows students to pass on their memories and discovery for a continued legacy personal to their school or college.

Artwork for Lessons from Auschwitz Project in 2015.

Participants must be between 16-18 years old and are expected to attend all four parts of the project. Students must have a full valid passport along with a current EHIC card.

Artwork plaque.

Harlow College will pay the travel costs to the seminars in London along with the travel to and from Stansted Airport.

Ken Woolcott, Student Voice Officer, who has previously been on the trip, stated, ‘Harlow College has been involved in the project for more than five years. It is a real insight into what happened all those years ago and allows the next generation to continue the legacy.

‘Previously, we have created a memorial in the grounds of the college which was opened by Member of Parliament, Robert Halfon. With the Holocaust Memorial Day on Saturday, I think it is important to share this opportunity and to receive as much interest as possible.’

Ken Woolcott, Student Voice Officer.

For extra information or an application form, please go to https://www.het.org.uk/lessons-from-auschwitz-programme or speak to Ken Woolcott, Student Voice Officer in the O Zone.

Feature image of Auschwitz Camp, credit: https://www.het.org.uk/lessons-from-auschwitz-programme

Chloe McKendrick

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