‘Loo Of The Year Award’ Symbolises A Changing Harlow

THE HARVEY Centre in Harlow is radically changing the social perception and economic status of the town in an evolving redevelopment, after winning a ‘Loo Of The Year Award’ for the best shopping centre toilets in England.

Bryan Young, 54 general manager of The Harvey Centre has worked there for 17 years and been a Centre Manager since September 2006. Originally he hailed from South-East London and moved to Harlow to work for British Petroleum.


Bryan is a part of the new scheme to re-define Harlow. He admits there is a negative public view of the town and said ‘We’re on a journey to change the perception of Harlow, people will start to come on the journey that we’re on. The Harlow people have had a lot of false promises in the past, including three promised redevelopments that did not happen, but we’re trying to change that.

‘We have a go at entering for the competition every year. For the last four years, we have always held platinum, but this year we won overall for the regional award in England. The award is massive, people take this seriously, it’s UK wide, including councils, shopping centres, motorway services, it’s like an accolade.’


The positive message that the winning of the award signals, is of a changing Harlow. It serves to not only change public perception but to also show the hard work and effort the team of 50 members of staff put in to the upkeep of The Harvey Centre.

Bryan said, ‘The purpose of entering the award is recognising the staff produce such outstanding facilities, and being a part of the scheme motivates staff to provide impeccable service. Overall the ultimate game for The Harvey Centre is recognition of the effort the staff put in and to be a part of Harlow as it changes and evolves over the coming years.’

On speaking to some of the public about their customer experience at The Harvey Centres toilets; a retired man from Essex, Richard Secker stated, ‘It was very good, the toilets are always clean and there were no cobwebs on the ceiling like a lot of other toilets normally have.’ His wife Marlene added, ‘The toilets were very clean and I liked the vase of flowers, it was a lovely touch!’


David Carter a 67 year old man from Harlow commented, ‘The toilets were very good, I read about the award in the local paper, it’s a much needed recognition in the change of Harlow, it’s all apart of a bigger picture, it’s onwards and upwards for Harlow!’

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