Mixed reviews for Princess Alexandra Hospital


DESPITE criticisms of waiting times at the Accident and Emergency department many people have praised the staff at Princess Alexandra Hospital on the NHS Choices website.

During December, over a third of patients waited over four hours in A&E at the Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust. Essex Live reported: ‘Just 67.3 per cent of people waited less than four hours from arrival to admission, discharge or transfer in the trust’s A&Es in December, which is nearly 30 per cent off the target of 95 per cent.

‘Performance compared to 88.9 per cent waiting less than four hours in November, and 86.2 per cent in December 2016, with the 95 per cent target missed for the 29th month in a row.’

Robert Halfon MP

Robert Halfon MP said: ‘There are three main issues that Princess Alexander Hospital faces; poor infrastructure, exceptionally high A&E use, and difficulty retaining staff. A new Health Campus is the answer to each of these problems.

‘It could be tailored to the needs of the growing population of Harlow and the surrounding area that the hospital serves, increasing capacity and reducing waiting times.’

During 2017 in December, there was a 42% delay time from 30-60 minutes and 46% were delayed for more than 30 minutes.

However, in January 2018 this decreased to 22% of delays by 30-60 minutes and 27% delayed by more than 30 minutes.

2017 Hospital Statistics


2018 Hospital Statistics

An anonymous review commented: ‘My grandson age 3 weeks attended A&E last Monday 4th December 2017 at lunchtime with constant vomiting of all his feeds, and after being kept there all day was discharged at 8pm with reflux and meds to treat this. The baby continued to vomit all his feeds the next day and the urinated blood in his nappy.

‘I appreciate that A&E are stretched to capacity, but my daughter begged for an ultrasound and was dismissed as the child did not appear ill.’

However a review from, J Cornelius who visited in January said: ‘I would like to provide my greatest compliments for the professionalism that the Consultant provided and I was very impressed with how both of the members of staff treated me with such dignity and respect. Thank you very much for your great service and for remaining so professional at such a busy time in the department.’

The Harlow Harrier has been unable to contact Princess Alexandra NHS Trust for a comment.

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