Essex girls festival coming to Harlow

This Girl Can Festival Promo

WOMAN OF all ages, shapes and sizes are encouraged to join the first ‘This Girl Can’ festival on February 3rd.

Stewards Academy Harlow will be hosting a day full of various taster sessions, such as dance lessons and aqua aerobics. Other attractions include workshops and talks ranging from mental health related issues to managing stress. ‘This Girl Can’ is here to encourage women of all ages to get more involved in sport and physical activity.

Juliette Raisin, the Sport and Physical Activity Office for Active Essex believes that the festival will ‘encourage everyone that activities are fun’, and hopefully they’ll ‘find something they enjoy’.

‘This Girl Can’ Ambassador and Main Organiser, Kelly Harman

There are over 250 women in Essex alone who have become ambassadors for This Girl Can Essex. To be an ambassador it takes ‘passion to inspire and empower more physical activity’, says ambassador and main organiser of the event, Kelly Harman. Kelly wants ‘women to have their open time’, and this festival could surely be that.

Hazel Cash, a 17 year old A-Levels student from Harlow College, called the event something that would ‘bring people together. I would attend if it came to the college’.

‘I like the idea. I have a niece and want to encourage her mental health and fitness’, said Rebecca Nunn, 38. Rebecca herself took up running a year and half ago, and personally enjoys exercise.

Hazel Cash, 17

So run, jump or walk and join in on this inspiring festival, and maybe find your new favourite sport.

To register for the event go to:

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