A family friendly interactive experience: ‘you can be one of Robin’s Gang too’


THE OPENING performance of ‘Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood’ runs from January 12 at 7.30pm at The Broxbourne Civic Theatre.

The Broxbourne Theatre production takes the audience through the forests of Nottingham. Robin Hood and his Merry Men embark on an adventure to liberate The Babes from the clutches of the Evil Sheriff.

The pantomime Dame ‘Nurse Norah’ doubles as the school teacher, filled with fun and informative lessons you would want to be in. Along with ‘Maid Marian’ and a large supporting cast and chorus, the production will be a vibrant and fantastic show for all the family to enjoy.


Tickets: £12 – £16.50

Box Office: 01992 441946



12/01/2018 7.30pm

13/01/2018 2.00pm

13/01/2018 6.30pm

14/01/2018 2.00pm

18/01/2018 7.30pm

19/01/2018 7.30pm

20/01/2018 2.00pm

20/01/2018 6.30pm

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