‘Anti Valentine’s Day Takeover’ of disused Harlow shop unit

Pecho Mama

A DISUSED shop unit in the Harvey centre is being transformed to host a ‘gig-theatre’ called the ‘Anti-Valentine’s Day Takeover’ featuring Medea Electronica. Harlow Playhouse and the group Pecho Mama are hosting the pop-up style event.

The night is a showcase of DJ’s, Greek theatre, electronic music and cheap drinks. Including the award winning gig theatre Medea Electronica, performed by Pecho Mama.

Medea Electronica is a creatively charged, alternative British, 1980’s adaptation of the ancient Greek tragedy. Medea, the main protagonist of the story, chooses to embark on a path of depravity and revenge after the discovery of her husband’s deception.

The live gig is an all-original amalgamation of different themes and genres, enmeshed in a fantastic chaotic destruction; whilst the intense drama unravels against a contemporary fusion of electronica and 80’s inspired progressive rock.

A spokesperson for the organisation said, ‘Blurring the lines between theatre and live music, the company creates raw, savage, beautiful and challenging theatre. Presenting the tragic tale of Medea with an avant-garde, experimental edginess.’

Friday 16th February, doors open 7.30pm

Pop-up Venue in Empty Store, The Harvey Centre (next to Harlow Playhouse), Harlow

Tickets: £12 (£15 on the door)

Box Office: 01279 431945


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