Local buskers take Harlow by storm

Rhys Messenger and Henry Rolleston performing in Harlow.

UPCOMING duo, The Crisis has taken Harlow town-shoppers by storm with their acoustic versions of all-time classics.

Rhys Messenger, 18 from Waltham Abbey and Henry Rolleston, 19 from Hertford, treated local residents to a melody of Alicia Keys’ Girl on Fire and No-one along with Jessie J’s Price Tag, Smashmouth’s All Star and Jason Mraz’s I’m Yours. Individuals approached the boys with requests of Oasis hit, Don’t look Back in Anger and Radiohead’s Creep.

The Crisis, Rhys Messenger and Henry Rolleston.

Rhys developed his interest in the music industry throughout his childhood, ‘My interest in music came from my parents and listening to great music through my childhood.’ Meanwhile, Henry had a different approach, ‘My interest into music mainly came from online, watching people performing on YouTube and from the Beatles. I did attempt to learn the guitar at 10 but I gave up and started it again later in my teens.’

As the pair only started to perform together a couple of months ago, the gigs they have done are limited, but far from subtle. Henry explains, ‘The largest audience I’ve performed in front of is 100 people, most definitely. It was scary, but I enjoyed it regardless.’ However, Rhys, formally a member of another band, has performed to 4000 people, stating, ‘I wasn’t expecting to perform to that many people. It shocked me more than anything that so many people wanted to see us.’

The two lads who met at Sixth Form at Freman College in Buntingford are hoping to start a five-piece band in the near future, which they will advertise for any upcoming musicians to join. ‘We don’t really care what gender you are, if you’re good, you’re good. If a girl walks in and turns out to be the best drummer we’ve ever seen, she’s in!’ says Rhys.

Money earned.

Currently, the twosome influenced by Pink Floyd, only performs covers when busking. It has proven to be a success, however, as certain songs seem to engage the most donations. Rhys stated, ‘Castle On The Hill by Ed Sheeran and Sweet Child Of Mine by Guns and Roses are the biggest crowd pleasers and we once got a standing ovation for it!’ They hope in the next year to record an EP and to begin writing their own music.

Janet who watched the boys’ performance, commented, ‘It was a fantastic performance and clearly I’m not the only one who things so,’ gesturing to the money continuing to pour in for the young musicians.

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