House rents have increased massively in Harlow

Paul Andreotti

HOUSE prices have increased by six per cent over the past year in Harlow due to the increase of living cost.

Paul Andreotte, of Guardian estate agents in Harlow, which currently manages 800 properties in a 20 miles radius of the town, said: ‘Prices are falling throughout the country but not in Harlow.’

He added that people were able to buy their first house on their mid 20’s in the past. However, now it is almost impossible, as the housing rents have increased as well as the cost of living by 50%, which makes young people unable to save for later and therefore makes it difficult for them to get on the property ladder.

‘You can’t buy a house now days unless mummy and daddy have a lot of money to give you,’ Paul said.

The properties at Guardian are always checked for their condition and value before they get a place in the housing market. ‘What you get in reality is what you paying for,’ Paul said.

He claimed that Brexit would also affect the housing market negatively as there are multiple foreign clients from Eastern Europe. He added that the government could increase the taxes and decrease the house benefits, which would make it even harder for people to buy a house.

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