Roydon Primary Academy gets a new ‘facelift’

Students stand proud in front of the new graffiti

ROYDON Primary Academy, near Harlow, has had a new graffiti mural added to what was once a bleak wall and the community couldn’t be happier.

Graffiti artist Nathan Murdoch has transformed the way that the early years garden looks, much to the pleasure of everyone who sees it. After adding works to other primary schools in the area, the sought after artist who is brightening up bland spaces with unique and innovative artwork, has added a student inspired mural to what was a brown, flaky wall.

Michael Clark, head of the school, has said, ‘The wall is the first thing you see when you walk into that part of the school and it has always been so drab. This is a beautiful school with wonderful children, but certain parts of the building did not match the amazing things which go on in our classrooms.’

After being given a piece of artwork by Mr Clark, Mr Murdoch used it to inspire him. With the original piece featuring the Roydon tree and the four seasons. Mr Murdoch wanted to use the students work as his muse, which is reflected in the final piece.

Roydons new Gruffalo graffiti

This artwork has given students, parents and teachers a sense of happiness, which is reverberating around the community.

Mr Clark revealed, ‘It now has that wow factor we wanted with the most incredible scene that makes you smile every time you see it. When the children saw it, they were all saying ‘wow’. The first thing they see now each day is this beautiful wall, which is so exciting.

‘Things like this make everyone proud to be a part of Roydon.’

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