Charity fundraiser ‘people help the people’ raised over £2,000

The George Pub, People Help The People Fundraising For The Charity Todos

THE CHARITY event ‘People help the people’ raised over £2,000 for Enfield based charity ‘Todos’ at The George pub in Hoddesdon. The snow on Sunday didn’t stop anyone. Multitudes of people still came down to support the event.

Neville Hack, owner of The George Pub commented, ‘Considering we had the worst weather of the year, it was a fantastic turnout with all the community coming together to support a great cause. One of the band members walked all the way from Cheshunt, with a guitar on his back! We couldn’t have asked for anything more, everyone made an effort, it was unbelievable.’

The curator of the event Rhona Beresford-Ambridge encouraged people to bring anything that may help someone living on the streets at this cold time of year. Rhona stated, ‘The Idea of the event is to make it accessible for everybody, bring anything, any little bit will help.’

There was an array of local bands performing, plus raffles and a signed memorabilia auction. Rhona used music as the highlight of the event to get people engaged in supporting local charities, as she commented, ‘Music is a passion of mine, people connect to it on a completely different level, it’s about people going to something and having a great time- people will go to see the bands and have a dance.’

‘We are completely overwhelmed we raised just over £2,228 got donations of countless bags full of clothes, hats, gloves, scarves, sleeping bags and tents. We also were delighted to have received lots of food to go to the food banks.’

‘Despite the awful weather conditions the community still came together on Sunday evening to support. It was so lovely to see people coming in all wrapped up, with there wellies on having trudged through the snow to get there. This just showed the community spirit around here.’

The event was inspired by Rhona’s friend Ally from the band ‘The Virgin Mary’s’, he ran a tour around the country called ‘People help the people’, where he reached out to his fanbase and asked them to raise money for local food banks and bring bags of shopping to the venues.

Rhona described the reason for choosing the charity, ‘Our first thought was what kind of people need help? First of all we came across the Harlow based charity ‘The Chocolate Run’ and they were inundated with help and so we were turned away. So this turned our attention closer to home and so we looked for something for local people, people forget what’s on their doorsteps.’

‘We found the Enfield based charity ‘Todos’ run by William Stock. People would be surprised to find that there are 10,000 people living homeless in Enfield. It is a small charity, all voluntarily ran supplying; hot food, sleeping bags, clothes and care packages. They operate in Enfield twice a week and in London twice a week, everything is donated.’




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