Party-goers warned ‘not to cross the line’ in new police campaign

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FOLLOWING a history of nightlife associated crime, Essex Police have launched a new campaign to combat crime, in particular cases fuelled by A-class drugs and excessive alcohol consumption.

Countrywide research has shown that up to sixty per cent of those arrested for nightlife associated crime, had consumed Cocaine.

This A-class drug tends to ‘blunt the perception’ of its users, and so when in conjunction with alcohol, can cause the user to misconceive how drunk they truly are.

Since the effects of Cocaine only last a short amount of time, users often have it on their person when entering nightclubs, bars and even restaurants.

The main aim of the ‘Don’t Cross The Line’ campaign is to prevent people from bringing the substance into towns and cities, across Essex.

Essex Police have riled up a team of uniformed and plain-clothes officers, and drug dogs to seek out those who are disrupting nightlife in our county.

Chief Insp Shaun Kane said: ‘Crime and disorder associated with nightlife is a challenge faced by police up and down the country and Essex is no exception.”

He went on to say: ‘This operation aims to ensure everyone enjoys themselves safely and does not become the victim or the perpetrator of a crime.’

If you wish to stay updated on the ‘Don’t Cross the Line’ campaign, visit Essex Police on twitter (@EssexPoliceUK) or Facebook (

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