Inspiring young people praised by Harlow Council

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HARLOW College Engineering student, Lucy Chandler has been awarded the ‘Apprentice of the Year’ award, by both Harlow College and Harlow Council.

In the past, Engineering has been stereotyped as a career solely for men – Lucy disagreed. She said: ‘I would definitely recommend the course. Engineering is not as manly as people make out. It’s not as greasy as it used to be –it’s cleaner and based around technology nowadays.’

Lucy was sent to study her Level 2 Engineering diploma by her former employer, but claims she was ‘captured’ by the college – her time at Harlow has inspired her to become a teacher.

Lucy said: ‘It was nice to see so many other people rewarded for their success. I’ve never really won awards before so it was a really good experience! – It’s really nice that people are being noticed.’

A sixty-six strong group of students have been praised by Harlow Council, and given educational awards.

On December 4, a packed Council Chamber – including former Chief Executive of Harlow Council, Malcom Moreley OBE, welcomed this group of students, along with their families, into the Civic Centre.

Moreley OBE gave awards for ‘outstanding progress’, ‘winning school’ and an overall winner was also rewarded for their success.

The ‘Overall Winning School’ was Stewards Academy.

Two students from Harlow College won awards; Lucy Chandler for ‘Apprentice of the Year,’ and Amy Howkins for ‘Outstanding Progression.’

Coun Sue Livings, Chair of Harlow Council, gave a statement highlighting the importance of giving students recognition for their success. In the statement she said: ‘It was a great honour to be at the awards…they can all be very proud of what they have achieved. They have done themselves, their families and the town proud…the town has a very positive future.’

The educational awards are in their fourth year, and in 2017 and former years have been nothing but successful.

Awards were in place for a breath of age groups, ranging from Key Stage 1 all the way to a further educational level, at our own Harlow College.

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