Flying into Harlow this Christmas: Peter Pan

Peter Pan

JELLYFISH, flying dancers, and even Princess Leia and Mary Poppins are bringing the magic of Christmas to Harlow Playhouse.

The Playhouse is the home of Peter Pan from December 8 to the 31, where you can sit back and enjoy the jaw dropping vocals, and enthralling choreography.

The show captured the full spirit of Peter Pan, with the ever-changing sets and lighting, from being on board with Captain Hook, to meeting Nana in Wendy’s house. The stand out scene was the immersive underwater ‘Mermaid Wonderland’, which had the audience face-to-face with jellyfish, and flying beach balls. Dancers bought the mermaids to life, with their sequin scaled costumes and swimming above the crowds.

Madame Lily will have you in hysterics, and wow you with her sassy attitude and array of eccentric outfits. Her part in the show adds to everything people love about pantomime.

The cast including West End’s Emilie du Leslay, Rob Houchin, Jimmy Burton-Iles, Kevin James, and Ben Parsley, had everyone up on their feet and laughing. Audience member David Wilkins tweeted: ‘Just been to my very first ever pantomime to see Peter Pan @harlowplayhouse. It was totally amazing and the cast were fantastic. We had so much fun, thank you.’

We hope you’re ready for a magical visit from the boy who never grows up, and you best believe in fairies.

Tickets can be bought online from the Playhouse website, with performances showing throughout the day.

By Ceile Brown and Charlotte Langham

Ceile Brown

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