Uttlesford Youth Council – Making a better tomorrow for the youth of today


A YEAR ago, Uttlesford as a community was unfamiliar with the idea of a youth council. Recently however, a full youth council has been formed. This is down to John Starr, who held the first youth council meeting in March, and has many plans for the future of the voices of millennial’s across the district.

After making a proposal for a youth council to be formed, the idea was initially rejected by the council. Due to a dedicated and determined mind-set, Starr made a second proposal, highlighting the benefits to young people in the area, and this was accepted by the council.

Starting in October, the youth council became an official part of the district council. It has now been agreed that the youth council will attend two full council meetings a year.

Currently, Starr is looking to elect new youth councillors. Starr stated: ‘We don’t get a lot of applications, but our ideal candidate would be someone who is committed and has passion. A lot of people can talk the talk but its about putting your words into actions.’

The youth council has many connections, including the Youth Service. As of late, there has been an issue with housing in Uttlesford which Starr believed was vital for the youth council to be involved with. Starr said: ‘The people that are having a say on this are all old and will be gone soon enough. The younger generation are the ones who will be affected, therefore, they are the ones that should have a say.”

Things are looking good for the youth council, as they plan to discuss Mental Health problems in the area, and also travel, which seems to be a popular topic for all. John said: ‘It’s a positive time for the council, we are going to cover important issues that not only affect millennial’s, but also an older generation too. Everything seems to be looking up from a year ago.”

Grace Perry

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