Helping deaf people one Rebecca at a time

Rebecca Nunn

REBECCA Nunn has worked at Harlow College for 13 years as a Communication Support Worker with deaf people.

After initially attending Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge to study History and wanting to become a film archivist, Rebecca has remained interested in disability issues. Once she finished her university course, Rebecca began to volunteer at the Royal Association for Deaf People (RAD).

She said: ‘I was doing a summer job once and there was a deaf girl there and nobody could communicate with her and that frustration of wanting that person to be included was quite important to me.

‘I’m by nature incredibly shy so I have to get over that every time I want someone to know how to work with a deaf person. I’ve stood up in front of ridiculous amounts of people just because of that.’

Rebecca works with many students during their time at Harlow College and explained that her job is very varied depending on the level of hearing loss a person has.

With 90% of deaf people being born into an all-hearing family, this makes Rebecca’s role all the more important. She said: ‘I just want everyone to get a chance. A lot of my job is saying to people there are options and that they can do so many different things. If you meet a deaf person just say ‘hi’, it’s all about communicating and making everyone feel included.’

Although Rebecca didn’t intend on working with deaf people, she loves her job and feels extremely proud when students accomplish and achieve different things.

Photo of Rebecca taken by Leah Bloxham.

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