Harlow gets the recognition it deserves


HARLOW town has been positively recognised in the Government’s Industrial Strategy. The regeneration of Harlow has not gone unnoticed.

The Industrial Strategy sets out the government’s plan to create an economy that boosts productivity and earning power throughout the UK.

Harlow is now home to a new Enterprise Zone located at the heart of London-Stansted-Cambridge corridor and benefits from excellent transport links to these major centres.

The government has selected the centre as the location for Public Health England’s new science hub as well as working with Harlow College to open a new Advanced Manufacturing Centre. There will also be a base at Stansted Airport to train local workers in the skills required.

Community leaders are working with the government to improve the business prospects of the town and the earning power of the residents.

Councillor Jon Clempner, Leader of Harlow Council said: ‘I am pleased to see Harlow, along with the Harlow Enterprise Zone and Harlow College, mentioned in the Government’s Industrial Strategy and recognition of the role that community leaders are playing in making the case for Harlow.

‘I think it confirms the importance Harlow has in helping to grow the country’s economy. With the development of the Enterprise Zone, Public Health England’s proposed relocation, Harlow College improvements and a range of new local facilities popping up around the town it shows that things are happening in Harlow.

‘There are any pieces of the jigsaw coming together to make a great future for Harlow over the next 70 years. The challenge as ever is to ensure Harlow carries on getting the attention and investment it deserves so we can continue building Harlow’s bright future and create new opportunities for local residents.’

Karen Spencer, Principal of Harlow College, said: ‘We are very proud that both Harlow and the college feature prominently in the Industrial Strategy. We have excellent partnerships with employers through our Advanced Manufacturing Centre and our new college site at Stansted Airport. These partnerships provide young people with that important first step on a career ladder, helping them to be more productive and have prosperous futures.

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Kloe Hackett

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