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HARLOW’S Burnt Mill Academy wins national praise, after being unfairly criticised over its work with special educational needs students.

Education Leadership Governor, Jules Daulby, of the National charity ‘Driver Youth Trust’, wrote a blog after attending the Festival of Education, and listening to a speech on how schools were ‘gaming the system’.

In the blog, Ms Daulby repeats the comment that suggests burnt Mill has ‘an unofficial no SEND policy’, and that it encourages parents to send their children with SEND to other local school, Passmores.

With 30 percent of the students being SEND, Burnt Mill Academy Trust CEO Helena Mills, invited Ms Daulby to set the record straight.

Ms Mills added:’ I felt aggrieved for the students, for their families and for all of the staff who go above and beyond to ensure our large number of SEND students are successful.’

The visit from Ms Daulby gave Burnt Mill the chance to show the great work they do with students with SEND, and the above national average progress they make.

Elliot Tooley, SENDCo, said: We discussed a range of interventions which exist in our school, all catered to providing bespoke support for learning in many areas, including English, maths, and social and emotional skills.’

Ms Daulby left very impressed by the school, and sent a lengthy letter of praise, and commented: ‘A particular highlight for me was meeting with students and teaching staff over lunch.

‘It was an absolute pleasure to witness students with SEND learning, accessing a rich curriculum and being taught by a range of qualified teaching staff.’

You can read the full blog from July 4, on mainstreamsen.wordpress.com

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