UK beaches are octopied

Stock photo - Octopus on the beach

MYSTERIOUS sightings of eight-armed molluscs, known as octopuses, were found during the night on the sand in Ceredigion Wales and previously in Norfolk.

They were spotted crawling out of the sea, and their strange behaviour has left many uncertain of why the creatures were on the land. Some had died from being out of the water for too long.

Octopuses, known as cephalopods are highly intellectual creatures. Mimi Bekhechi, Director of Programs, PETA UK said: ‘Octopuses are capable of complex thought processes, can use tools, and are particularly sensitive to pain, having nerve receptors distributed throughout their bodies.’

Mimi Bekhechi added: ‘Researchers have discovered that they have excellent memories, are playful, and learn quickly – for example, they can learn to unscrew a jar lid simply by watching others do so. In aquaria, they’ve been known to squirt water at lights to extinguish their glare at night, and one even slipped through a small gap at the top of his tank and escaped down a drainpipe to the sea.’

If any octopuses are spotted on the shore it is recommended that they be gently placed back into the water to prevent them from being left stranded and drying out.

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