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There was great excitement and benevolence on show at Harlow’s homeless charity Streets2Homes for a special Monday evening award ceremony last October.

The charity that helps the homeless of Harlow and those who are vulnerably housed opened their doors to reward those for their hard work and dedication to Streets2Homes, to highlight the success and achievements of the staff and clients.

It was a hearty occasion with special guest Maggie Hulcoop, Vice Chair for Harlow’s Labour council giving out prizes.

Lynn Hughes, receiving Safe guarding e-Academy awards for Fire safety and Health and Safety from Maggie Hulcoop

Maggie had to make do with special tin foil chain by courtesy of Outreach Project Worker, Wayne Hood as hers was in for repair and an impressive replacement it was as it fared well throughout the evening, Wayne told me: ‘The chain she wore is the one I made and I salute her as she wore it all evening,’ he said.

All those who support the charity and benefit from it were all equally rewarded for their outstanding support and dedication, to turning their own, and the lives of others around.

Honours included e-Academy and Virtual College Certificates for, Safe Guarding, Food Hygiene and First Aid accolades, with recipients being, Ros Clark, Lynn Hughes, Vitalijis Matiss and Abdul Oban to name but a few.

Vitalijis Matiss, receiving his, Safe guarding e-Academy module certificate for Interview Skills from Maggie Hulcoop

With Streets2Homes exceptional prizes being awarded for outstanding support, ‘Our Champion of the Year Award’ went to Marketing and Communications Executive Rachel Bartlett.

The reward for Outstanding Support to Streets2homes went to Keely Nickolds.

Keely Nickolds with Maggie Hulcoop and Kieren Mitchell, Housing Project Co-ordinator

The event was a huge success with enough compassion and humanity in the centre for everyone.

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Sarah Eneberg

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