Equal learning opportunities for all at Harlow College


A WIDE range of learning support is available for Harlow College students with disabilities including those who suffer with a hearing impediment.

Rebecca Nunn, Communications Support Worker with Deaf People at the college, works in a number of different ways to help and support deaf students and ensure they reach their learning goals.

Initially into history, Rebecca set out to be a film archivist, until she started a summer job whilst studying at university, and encountered a colleague who was deaf and struggling. This was the moment Rebecca’s desire to help deaf people was triggered.

Rebecca then went on to train in British Sign Language and currently has a Level 6 qualification.

Rebecca Nunn

It was very clear to see that Rebecca loves her job. She said: ‘It is interesting that the role I’m in wasn’t what I necessarily set out to do. But having ended up doing what I’m doing, I love it! Even if I have a bad day at work I still love my job. It’s been better than I thought it would have been.

‘All of the deaf students I have worked with have been really inspiring, because of the journey they have made in two years. Knowing that you’ve played any part in anyone getting where they want to get is really great. You get really proud of people. It’s just getting them to believe in themselves.’

Rebecca and Karen Rees both advocate for deaf learners and speak at deaf awareness presentations, as well as meeting audiologists and learning the latest systems for deaf people.

Rebecca’s advice to anyone who meets someone with a hearing impediment would be to: ‘Make them feel a part of what is going on however you can do that.

‘Most deaf people are just happy that someone has given it a go [made an effort] and made an attempt at communicating with them. Just see them as any other person, that’s the best way to be.’

Kloe Hackett

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