Cooks Spinney Primary to feature in Parliamentary Review

Cooks Spinney Primary Academy Sign - (Source_ http___www.yourharlow.com_2013_10_13_ofsted-cooks-spinney-moving-in-the-right-direction_)

COOKS Spinney Primary Academy in Harlow is set to feature in the upcoming 2017/2018 issue of the Parliamentary Review.

The Parliamentary Review is produced every year and distributed around the country to attempt to raise standards throughout the UK with showcasing best practices.

Cooks Spinney Primary Academy has been invited by RT Hon David Curry, Chief Editor, to feature to raise standards in education that will be sent to thousands of leading policy-makers including MPs, the House of Lords, head teachers, vice chancellors, government agencies and the Department for Education.

The primary school, which was once deemed a failing school is now considered as one of the top nine per cent of schools nationwide.

Stuart Pope, Executive Head-Teacher, previously head at Cooks Spinney Primary, commented, ‘It’s enormous for us to be able to assay we are a part of the parliamentary Review. I am being asked to share strategies and our plans for future improvements to enable all schools in the country to read them.’

He continued, ‘I’m really proud for the school to be bale to take part in something like this and to be published for its achievements. Its another opportunity which comes in while riding the wave of achievements.’

The publication of the review next September will be marked by a gala evening at the House of Commons where the issues of leadership and team-building will be discussed with guest speakers including footballer, Frank Lampard and former Deputy Prime-Minister, Nick Clegg.

Executive Head-Teacher, Stuart Pope

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