College students one step closer to renovating Harlow

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HARLOW College students’ deadline to make Prentice Place in Potter Street, a more contemporary and inventive place is rapidly approaching.

Fionn Ovington, a graphic design student, is determined to make the panels in Prentice Place more visionary and original.

‘I had feedback from two clients, where I was asked to improve my designs to meet certain standards,’ said Fionn.

He added: ‘I had three ideas; one panel would focus on celebrities from Harlow, one would focus on the sculptures in Harlow and the last one is inspired by Metropolitan slip wear

‘The clients said they wanted the Harlow celebrities panel to cover a wider range of ethnicities, professions and age group. So I changed my original idea and added footballers, one snooker player and several entertainers.’

He added: ‘The Metropolitan idea was scrapped because the clients believed there wouldn’t be much interest. They want me to develop my sculpture idea, so I am going to include more sculptures.’

Mustafa Sidki, the graphic design teacher said: ‘There isn’t a strict colour scheme as the company are open to suggestions. It’s an open brief, so as long as there’s some connection to Harlow or Potter Street, it will go through. The original deadline was January, but really, we want to finish it before Christmas.’

Fionn said: ‘It’s been challenging using Photoshop and Illustrator, but I have learnt a lot about certain types of tools and techniques. I have been able to manipulate sculpture images on Photoshop to give it a more creative effect.’

Harlow College students have been given a blank canvas to work with

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