Pupils sing for Harlow

FPA Harlow 70th

PUPILS at Freshwaters Primary Academy united to celebrate Harlow’s 70th birthday with expressive songs and heartfelt poems.

Teresa Avey, head-teacher of Freshwaters Primary Academy, wanted to honour Harlow through a joyful musical celebration.

‘The celebration, which took place just before half term, was massively successful. It was lovely to get the school community together to celebrate Harlow. It was great for the children to learn songs and for the parents to see their children do so well in a performance,’ said Teresa.

She added, ‘The whole of Year One to Year Six came together to take part in this performance. Most pupils performed songs such as Land of Hope and Glory, Jerusalem and the National Anthem.

‘Some pupils performed poems which they wrote in school, about how they feel proud of Harlow as their hometown and what they like about it specifically. It was a great way of showing the parents what they’ve been learning and the lessons they have enjoyed,’ she said.

Ms Avey added, ‘Even though money was raised for the school through refreshments and entertainment, this event was focused more on celebrating Harlow’s 70th anniversary.’

She said: ‘As of now, there are no more events on the scale planned. We do have a leader in the Arts curriculum who has planned to do some musical workshops with our students, which will include literacy through music.’

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