Off duty special constable detains suspected shoplifter

Special Constable, Dan Schuster

A POLICE inspector has praised special constable Dan Schuster for his quick actions and courage in apprehending a shoplifter in the town.

Special Inspector Martin East said; ‘I would like to commend Sc Schuster for his quick actions and courage. It shows that even off duty, our officers are prepared to tackle crime whenever they see it.’

The off-duty Constable was confronted by staff wrestling with a man outside B&Q store in Howard Way Harlow.

Sc Schuster, who works in construction when not volunteering for the police caught the man after chasing him on foot and conducted an interview with him at the scene.

The incident took place at around 10:00am on October 30. The suspected shoplifter, aged 31 and from London, was reported for the offence. And all the items were recovered.

Essex Police stated that special constables work on a voluntary basis, investing time into the police service, out of their busy private lives, and careers. The Constables have full police powers, uniforms and equipment.

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