Town Park marathon taking runners by storm

Robin Huwes, training for his marathon!

THE HARLOW Park Run is an opportunity for anyone to sprint, jog or walk their way against the clock. Although the volunteers have maintained that the 5km run isn’t a race, some contestants seem to think otherwise.

The free event is held every Saturday morning, whether the sun is shining or not. The organisation is run entirely by volunteers, who are extremely passionate about keeping the event up and running. Sarah Coombe, who helps to organise the run as event director, said ‘In a nutshell, it’s a great organisation. I must admit I am one of the slower ones at the back but I have never been put off and just keep running!’

She described how, after the run, most volunteers grab a coffee together and chat to those who have also completed the 5km.

‘It is a fantastic atmosphere and many people join for various reasons. Everyone that runs gets applause and encouragement from beginning to end, and the community comes together, its lovely,’ she said.

Runners are also presented with their own personal card, which they use to clock in their progress every week. Before the first run, joiners must register their details so their personal barcodes can be scanned for their weekly progresses.

So whether you want to go at a snail’s pace or race like Mo Farah, make sure you get yourself down to the park this weekend.

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