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PINTS is an Essex-based punk band, notable for hits such as Drink, Smoke, Gamble, Repeat and Holsten Pillz. The band’s music videos range from about 4000 to 6000 views and PINTS has built up quite a following, performing at venues such as Camden’s ‘Underworld’ and ‘The Luna’ in Leytonstone. Pints’ front man, Charlie Longman, is a former Harlow College student, who also works full time as a barman, while also being a barber.

‘Id sack my day job in a heartbeat to be in PINTS full time’ said Charlie ‘If someone gave you the choice of doing what you love everyday, meeting new people, getting drunk and performing, over working behind a bar, you’d obviously choose the first one’

Charlie was not an original member of PINTS, joining when he was 20 years old while filling in on vocals for his friend. From there, Charlie became an active member. The band started off as ‘Booze Money’ but immediately changed after an impromptu performance at a house party. Charlie stated ‘One of the guys jumped on stage and strummed a power chord while shouting PINTS which was amazing really, and that’s how we got the name.’ PINTS gains much of its influence from ‘Stella Artois’ Charlie joked, but also bands such as The Clash and Rancid, although every member grew up listening to different material. ‘Worm likes Oasis, our drummer Rich has been in a band since he was 15 and grew up in the London hardcore scene so he likes all the heavier side of stuff,’ said Charlie. ‘Tom and I have always loved punk music but Tom is also into Hip Hop, which explains why he is ridiculously fast at singing.’

Charlie met most of his band mates in the local pub and around his hometown, acknowledging ‘I met our original drummer because I had been best mates with his brother for god knows how long. I first met Dave because he kicked me outside Loughton Station and Worm I also met outside Loughton station when he had bleach blonde hair and was sporting a Nike tracksuit. He insulted my ‘grunger’ jeans and somehow we have been best mates ever since.’

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Charlie Longman, PINTS

Playing Skala in Kings Cross has so far been PINTS largest audience, which was originally meant to be a gig for Charlie’s brothers band ‘Giants’, but ended up being an accidental half hour set for PINTS, too. Charlie explained ‘It was my second show with PINTS and I begged my brother to do a couple of songs before his band came on. The promoter was fine with it as he thought we were only going to do one song, but we did the whole set. It was funny because half the audience was full of our mates, swinging their tops around and throwing lager everywhere, and the other half were 18 year olds who loved pop punk and were just in shock at us on the stage.’

Charlie was always a fan of PINTS even before he joined, appreciating the fact that they were purely just a punk band, admitting ‘I still listen to the first PINTS record every day, purely for the fact that I’m not in it as I hate the sound of my own voice.’ Performing for Charlie is a sense of escapism: ‘When you perform, your problems go away for that half an hour and that’s all you’re focused on. It’s also the same for the audience too as they’ve paid to come and see us so they’re going to listen and all their problems will go out the window making it all worthwhile.’

PINTS will next be playing on Halloween at The Luna in Leytonstone. Entry is free.

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