Harlow College Open Evening attracts 2,500 visitors

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HORROR prosthetics, mannequins posing in stylish clothing and innovative technology, were some of the exceptional attractions at Harlow College’s open evening this month, October.

After speaking with the teams in the reception area and exploring the displays around campus, students could visit the iHub to see the new technology being used by the college. Kelly Edwards, Director of Professional Development and Improvement, was advertising a new creation within the IT department designed for students.

Image by Devon Taverner-Hailou

The Virtual Reality Booth

‘The robot, called Nao, can be coded in a way that students can learn. IT students mainly use it as of now. The Virtual Reality Booth, is mainly used by HNC Level 4 gaming students, so they can code and produce programmes on it’ said Kelly.

She added, ‘The Virtual Reality programme can be used for all different courses such as Science, because it’s programmed to show pulling out the heart and different organs, which would be very beneficial for students learning, practically hands-on.’

Image by Devon Taverner-Hailou

Robot Nao

In the Art, Design and Photography Department, Jade Knight, an A-Level Art student was preparing a big display. She said: ‘It’s called The Big Draw, where anyone can pick up a card and draw what they want and add it to the wall which becomes part of a big art piece.’

Leanne West, Lead Creative, Marketing said: ‘2500 people came through the door. We got this figure by giving out over 920 bags and knowing that students come with 2 or 3 people.’

Leanne said one parent had commented ‘I would like to congratulate you on a fabulous open evening. We were so very impressed and you have given my son a new excitement and energy about the next stage of his life.’

Image by Devon Taverner-Hailou

The Big Draw, Art and Design’s Photography Display

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