The Lady Boys of Bangkok land in Harlow

Harlow Playhouse - Photo by Charlie Young

STOPPING off in Harlow with their ‘cheeky, funny and feisty’ show, The Lady Boys of Bangkok enjoyed their third successful year at the Playhouse.

With their fun and joyful cabaret inspired show the lady boys lit up the night of October 11th 2017, and have proven to be extremely popular when coming to Harlow. The show stands alone in its own right, with the only other similar production at the Playhouse being the Circus of Horror.

Dan Powell (28), the Digital and Audience Development for the Harlow Playhouse, said that ‘we [The Playhouse] pride ourselves on diversity and background’, meaning there was no controversy when the show came to town.

Image by Charlie Young

Dan Powell, the Playhouse

If a cabaret show isn’t your cup of tea, the Playhouse boasts an interesting line up in the coming months. This includes: Ed Byrne (31st Oct), BBC Music: Introducing (7th Nov) and the Russian State Ballet (16th Nov). However, the biggest production for the year is the Christmas pantomime, Peter Pan. Running through the entire month of December, the pantomime will see West End actor, Rob Houchen as Peter Pan himself.

The Playhouse itself likes to breed young talent by giving staff and local groups the opportunity to do their own shows. However, it does attract big names such as Rob Houchen and Joe Pasquale.

Support you local groups or see a big name, it’s all your choice at Harlow Playhouse and well worth going if you’re looking to see something dazzling.

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