Stansted Airport and Harlow College establish marketing partnership

Poster made by students for the open evening

HARLOW College marketing department is working on a unique project, collaborating with Stansted Airport to open doors and opportunities for future students.

Simon Boyce, the head of marketing, is working tirelessly at events, to inspire students to pursue a career in a range of interesting career paths.

‘Working at the college for about 17 years, I have had a number of roles. I started out working part time as a learning support worker, then realised I was passionate about art and design’ said Simon.

He added ‘After leaving teaching eight years ago, I started running the admissions department. It was when I was working with schools that I decided to get more involved with marketing campaigns.

Image By Devon Taverner Hailou

Simon Boyce, Head of Marketing

‘The development of social media has definitely changed marketing. Digital marketing has more impact on our audience rather print marketing. This is actually convenient as it’s cheaper also,’ said Simon. ‘Apprenticeships are crucial and work experience is important if you want a career in marketing due to it being competitive. Students need to be able to make contributions to the industry.

‘Currently, we are involved in a unique project with a collaboration with Stansted Airport. This will help students with business opportunities and develop different skills for varied jobs such as engineering, retail, catering and event managing.’

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