Road Safety Essex comes to Harlow College

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Harlow College students experience first hand what it was really like to be involved in a car accident on Friday 6th October.

Donna Bond, from Safer Essex, came to Harlow College to inform students of their scheme and about the dangers you may face whilst driving unsafe.

Donna and her colleague had three virtual reality 3D headsets, with a short film for students to watch. The film showed teenagers driving along a country lane, without seat belts on, and the driver using his phone before colliding with a tractor.

Students learning more about the scheme

Donna said: ‘We are using this to show students what can really happen when using a mobile phone, or even driving without a seatbelt. You would be surprised how many young drivers are involved in car accidents because of bad habits.

‘It’s not used to scare you into not driving again, but we think this is a really good way for young drivers to understand how dangerous it really can be, even when looking at your mobile phone.’

There were leaflets and booklets for young students to pick up, including The Young Drivers Guide.

Image by: Mia Frances

You could win this car

There was also a chance to enter into a giveaway for a brand new Vauxhall Corsa. To enter, applicants must be between 17-25 years of age and must make a road safety pledge.

For more information on how to make your pledge log onto:

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