Raids and fights are all in a day’s work

Nickolds HMO

KEELY Nickolds run’s a property management company with a difference – working with vulnerable tenants in multiple occupancy houses.

She found a gap in the market and set up Nickolds HMO (Houses in Multiple Occupancy) in Harlow eight months ago.

Keely has been in the letting agency business since 2008 working with landlords and tenants. Various services include, managing properties, dealing with maintenance, rent-to-rent and supporting tenants for rooms to rent.

Many people are looking for somewhere to live, whether they have been through a breakup or are young and need accommodation. ‘They’re only human and you don’t know what they’re going through. I’m a bit like a social worker sometimes’ she said.

Maintenance work can be hard. Keely has dealt with house raids, fights and alcoholic abuse from tenants, ‘A man threw his mattress out of the window because a cat peed on it and sometimes things get broken’ she said.

At times the business can be draining, however, Keely finds it rewarding. ‘It is a very busy life but everyday is different, you never know what you’ll get’ she said.

For the future she hopes to expand the business, letting houses instead of just rooms. ‘Specialising in rooms is what I’m best known for’ she said. ‘I want to expand the business ands grow the rooms. Instead of tenants going to an agency they are able to go to someone else, like us.’

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